Keepers assist school with a Peregrine falcon rescue

In July, Head of Animal Encounters, Hayley Potter and Deputy Head of Section, Lianne Paine were called out to a local school who had found a peregrine falcon in their classroom.

They found the beautiful bird to be happily sat in the room and it seemed to have come in through the chimney. The peregrine was fortunately not injured in any way and after a bit of gentle coaxing, was able to fly out of the building safely

In the 1960’s, the large and powerful peregrines were very much persecuted and found themselves at a low point. Since then, legislations have changed and their safety has improved but they are still vulnerable.

Lianne Paine said: “It was amazing to see the fastest animal on the planet; it was so graceful! We are really pleased it was not affected by its ordeal and is safely back in the wild.”