James the Capybara has arrived!

Animal Encounters have welcomed a new species to the Foot Safari, with capybara James settling in to his new home - Capybara Caves

It is the first time this species has come to the Park and his enclosure (located in the Foot Safari by the Aldabra tortoises) features indoor and outdoor viewing platforms for visitors to see him up close.

James has moved to Woburn from Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens and has already made himself quite at home. Capybara are the largest living rodents and are closely related to guinea pigs. They are also semi-aquatic and the new Capybara Caves enclosure features a moat - perfect for these partially-webbed toed animals. 

James the capybara

Hayley Potter, Team Leader in Animal Encounters, said: "James has settled in really well, which is very pleasing for the keeper team in Animal Encounters. We are all starting to get to know him and already have found out that he is not a big fan of kale or pepper. However there's very little he won't do for a cabbage leaf

"Rodents teeth continue to grow throughout their lives so James will be given lots of lovely wood logs to chew on to help grind his teeth down. It's also hoped that in the near future he will be joined by a female for future breeding success."