Fun for everyone, whatever the weather!

Don't be put off by the cold and wet weather, as Woburn Safari Park is actually far more weatherproof than you might expect!

When the forecast looks less than fabulous, it's good to know you can weatherproof YOUR day out at the park. Take an adventure through the African Savannah, Kingdom of Carnivores, African Forest and Giraffe Junction - all in the comfort of your own car!

Journey to the heart of Africa and back all within an hour, with a tour of the magnificent wildlife reserves - meet rhino, lions, bears, tigers and giraffes.

Continue on foot through the covered spaces of Desert Springs with meerkats, porcupines and mongoose and then pop inside to feed the lorikeets in Rainbow Landing. 

Browse the cuddly toys in Junglies Gift Shop and then grab your ticket for the indoor sea lion show and 3D mini movies in Sea Lion Cove. 

Children In The Mammoth Play Ark

Next how about a lovely cup of tea to warm up in the 2x2 Restaurant, inside the Mammoth Play Ark? Kids love this indoor soft play centre as it's a great place to let off steam and it's fully kitted out with WiFi, so you can catch up on your emails while they scream, slide, scramble, swing and so on!

Relax with a piece of cake or a snack in the Lookout Cafe in the heart of Animal Encounters, with views of the red pandas in Himalayan Heights and the friendly faces in Farmyard Friends.

Plus don't forget you can ride the train (under cover) through the Deer Paddock, see the TUSK garden, then pop into the Dissscovery Zone to meet reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

Dissscovery Zone At Wsp

When it's raining staff are often asked by customers phoning in: "Are the animals all out today?"  The answer is a big "Yes" - many of the animals were born in the UK or in similar climates.  All the animals at the park are very much acclimatised to the British weather so you'll see them enjoying every season out in the 300+ acres of beautiful parkland at Woburn Safari Park.