Catching up with lemur babies Rakoto and Missy

In March, the ring tailed lemur troop at the park welcomed two new babiesmale infant Rakoto on 17th March and female Missy on 21st March.

Rakoto and Missy have both started to bounce off mum and enjoy playing together in the Land of Lemurs walkthrough enclosure down in Animal Encounters. The cheeky youngsters can be seen running and jumping around the trees and walkway of their environment.

Lemur Baby At Wsp (1)

Other male and female lemurs of the troop help look after the young and make sure they don’t get up to too much mischief! Keepers are happy with Rakoto and Missy's growth and how well the nearly four-month-old babies are settling in among the troop. Ring tailed lemurs reach their full size between two and three years old. 

Louise Moody, Senior keeper in Animal Encounters, said: "Both infants are very inquisitive but Missy is a bit more clingy with mum Sambava, while Rakotot, is a bit more care-free!"