BIAZA 'Love Your Zoo' week at Woburn

As part of the BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) 'Love Your Zoo' week (25th May - 2nd June), keepers at Woburn Safari Park have been telling us the many reasons they love working with the animals at the Park...

Lianne Paine, Animal Encounters, and Yoyo the parrot
"I love my zoo because of the real difference we make to conservation out in the field."

250518 Lianne Paine Ae

Darren Fellowes, Elephant keeper team, alongside keepers Michael and Mark, and elephants Damini, Tarli, Chandrika and Yu Zin
"I love my zoo because every day is different. I am very lucky to work so closely with the elephants and have a unique bond. The elephants are able to walk throughout the beautiful Woburn Estate woodland and I am very privileged to be able to watch them naturally graze and swim in the large lake."

260518 Michael Darren Mark Eles 

Ashley Atkins, Animal Encounters, and Chocco the donkey and Holly the Shetland pony
"I love my zoo because it gives anyone from any walk of life the opportunity to see exciting animals from around the world."

270518 Ashley Aitkins Ae

Sarah Green, Animal Encounters, and Patch & Dill the pygmy goats
"I love my zoo because you always count on the animals to put a smile on your face."

270518 Sarah Green Ae 

Hayley Potter, Animal Encounters, and Max the sea lion
"I love my zoo because BIAZA collections make a real difference to the lives of the animals in their care, contribute to the conservation of species and their habitat."

010618 Hayley Potter Ae

James Fryer, Animal Encounters, and James the capybara
"I love my zoo because being a BIAZA accredited animal collection means that we achieve a high level of animal care and welfare, while also educating the public and supporting conservation programmes."

290518 James Fryer Ae

Lauren Timson, Animal Encounters, and Lily the great owl
"I love my zoo because I get to work with an amazing range of animals that are important ambassadors, helping to spread the conservation message to all of our visitors."

290518 Lauren Timson Ae

Cheryl Midgley, Animal Encounters, and Tangle the lemur
"I love my zoo because of the space that all the animals have, which enables them to exhibit natural behaviours."

300518 Cheryl Midgley Ae 

Emily Hardie, Animal Encounters, and Rocco the Anglo nubien goat
"I love ym zoo because I get to experience the amount of effort and care that is put into keeping animals happy and safeguarding their species future."

310518 Emily Hardie Ae 

Lily Averill, Animal Encounters, and the Aldabra tortoises
"I love my zoo because of its commitment to environmental issues both in the UK and abroad."

280518 Lily Averill Ae

Hannah Bigot, Animal Encounters, and Oscar the kunekune pig
"I love my zoo because being part of the BIAZA family means being part of the most dedicated conservation and welfare organisations, striving fo the best practice with all the animals."

280518 Hannah Bigot Ae 

Charlie Simpson, Animal Encounters, and one of the meerkats
"I love my zoo because as a member of BIAZA, it means we are one of the best in the country."

020618 Charlie Simpson Ae