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BIAZA 'Love Your Zoo' week at Woburn

As part of the BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) 'Love Your Zoo' week (25th May - 2nd June), keepers at Woburn Safari Park have been telling us the many reasons they love working with the animals at the Park...

Tusk 'Not for Sale' Garden at Woburn Safari Park

Tusk 'Not for Sale' Garden

An evocative new 'garden' has been opened in the Foot Safari at the Park to highlight the elephant ivory crisis. This brand new educational and emotive exhibit is supported by Prince William’s wildlife charity - Tusk; and the gets a new home at Woburn Safari Park.

Sika deer calves at Woburn Safari Park

Lots of summer babies make their debuts

The summer 'baby boom' has arrived at Woburn Safari Park and there are lots of adorable new faces for visitors to spot on their next visit.

Save The Rhino

Save The Rhino charity weekend a great success

On Saturday 17th February, Reserves keepers at the Park held their annual rhino charity event to raise money for Save The Rhino.

Waving Black Bear at Woburn Safari Park

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