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Baby ring tailed lemurs at Woburn safari Park

Meet some new spring babies at the Park

Spring has sprung at Woburn Safari Park, with the first arrivals of the year making their adorable debut!

Peregrine Falcon

Keepers assist school with a Peregrine falcon rescue

In July, Head of Animal Encounters, Hayley Potter and Deputy Head of Section, Lianne Paine were called out to a local school to help rescue a peregrine falcon who found itself trapped in a school classroom.

Baby ring tailed lemurs at Woburn safari Park

Tiny ring-tailed baby lemur born to proud mum Kirindy

Animal keepers at Woburn Safari Park are thrilled to announce that a tiny new baby ring-tailed Lemur has arrived in the Foot Safari’s walk-through Land of the Lemurs enclosure.

Male Lion Joco Settles In At Wsp

Male lion Joco settles in with the pride

African male lion, Joco, who joined the Park from Erfurt Zoo in Germany last year, has spent the last few months slowly being integrated alongside the seven-strong female pride.

Two baby lemurs at Woburn Safari Park

Catching up with lemur babies Rakoto and Missy

In March, the ring tailed lemur troop at the park welcomed two new babies - male infant Rakoto on 17th March and female Missy on 21st March. The pair are settling in well and can be seen causing mischief down in Land of Lemurs.

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