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Squirrel Monkeys In Monkey Business December Babies

Adorable new faces join the troop

Monkey Business recently welcomed some new faces to the squirrel monkey troop with the arrival of three youngsters, all of whom are settling in well to their new home down in the Foot Safari.

Sonia Freeman And Giraffe Main (1)

Welcoming Sonia to Woburn, the new Head of Reserves

Woburn Safari Park has welcomed Sonia Freeman as Head of Reserves. Sonia previously worked at the Park over 15 years ago, alongside her dad, the Park's Animal Development Officer Chris Freeman, and is now back to join him once again in her new role.

Penguin Chick 1

A new addition to the Humboldt Penguin Rookery

The Humboldt penguin rookery welcome a new baby in Penguin World! In June, female Salsa and male Leaf become parents to a healthy little chick.

Tarli Birthday 1

Asian elephant Tarli turns four!

Birthday girl Tarli, the adorable Asian elephant calf, was given a special surprise for her 4th birthday. Little Tarli had a lot to celebrate, including surviving a virus comparable to Ebola in humans, so keepers gave her a celebration she’d never forget.

Sandy The Rothschilds Giraffe

Rothschild's giraffe calf gets a 'famous' new name

The young Rothschild’s giraffe calf born at the Park on 11th September has been named ‘Sandy’ by ITV’s ‘This Morning’ after the Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock.

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