Welcoming two new humps

A new male Bactrian camel has joined the herd in the Northern Plains animal section of the Road Safari. Six-year-old Khan has joined Woburn Safari Park from Blackpool Zoo and is already making quite an impression on the ladies!

Khan arrived early on Wednesday 16th August, with keepers helping to unload him straight into the camel paddock. Keepers hope that he will breed with one of the two females he now lives with – Rita and Saturday. Fellow males Zeeg and Genghis, completes the herd of five. Khan is the first male camel to move to the Park in 15 years and his arrival is very important for the genetic conservation of the species.

New Camel Woburn Safari Park August 2017 6

The gestation period for a Bactrian camel is 13 months, so keepers are keeping their fingers crossed for little humps to be arriving before the end of next year. Khan has been accepted well into the herd and already establishing himself as the dominant male within the herd.

Chris Smart, Head of Section for Reserves, said: “The arrival of Khan is very exciting for everyone at the Park, and we hope that we will see a new baby in the future. Bactrian camels in the wild are critically endangered, with only around 900 left in the wild in Mongolia and China. However, these camels are considered as ‘domesticated’ as they live in captivity.  We have great hopes for Khan and that his arrival will the mark the start of a new generation of camels at Woburn.”

Bactrian camels are under threat from loss of habitat and hunting and according to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), only 900 remain in the wild, mainly found in the deserts of Mongolia and China