{VIDEO} Meet Keeper Fraser and the Red Pandas

Hear about how the latest arrivals are settling in

Meet Animal Keeper, Fraser Babbs and learn all about the new species of red panda, that is the latest new arrival to Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire.

Fraser explains about the design of their new home in Himalayan Heights and how it mimics the wild habitat of these animals, high up in the mountain ranges of China, India and Nepal.

He introduces you to Mali and Mambo; the two females and tells you how they have been settling in to their new home in the Animal Encounters section of the Foot Safari. 

The two fluffy females arrived at Woburn earlier this summer and lucky visitors will see them climbing trees and exploring their specially designed enclosure.

Their plush new red panda pad includes climbing frames, an overhead walkway and a bamboo plantation. A third red panda will be joining the girls later this year.