Successful fundraising weekend to help protect penguins

Protecting the Humboldt out in the wild

On the bank holiday weekend of the 27th - 29th of May, our wonderful Animal Encounters team held a Humboldt Penguin charity weekend for Sphenisco, a charity supporting Humboldt penguins in Chile.

Sphenisco works with scientists and environmentalists to promote and support research, sustainable tourism and fishing in the region. The Animal Encounters team set up a number of stalls and activities for visitors to participate in. These included mini VIP tours, raffles, lucky dip and special talks and demonstrations.

One of the most popular stalls was 'Pick up a Penguin', which was loosely based around the hook-a-duck game. This proved to be fun for both adults and children. 

Of course, the mini-VIP tours were very popular as visitors got the chance to have a VIP Up Close Encounter with some of the smaller birds and mammals at the Park. 

Penguin Charity

Laura Ashton, senior keeper at the Park said: "The best part of the weekend was interacting with members of the public and giving them vital information about the conservation of the Humboldt Penguins in a fun and relaxed atmosphere".

A big thank you to the hard working team of keepers and the generous visiting public who helped to raise a total of over £1,200!