New male is welcomed in Land of Lemurs

Staff in Animal Encounters have welcomed a new male to the Land of Lemurs black and white ruffed family.

Kasijii is 16-years-old and has come from Drusilla's Park, based in Sussex. Sadly, Kasijii's father passed away which resulted in him being alone at Drusilla's, so the decision was made that he would be moved to Woburn Safari Park to join their bachelor group.

Welcomed with a hug

Kasijii joins four other black and white ruffed lemurs, named Mia, Tulem, Tangle and Boddingtons. Fortunately, Kasijii was greeted with a huge hug from the group when he entered the enclosure and they all seem to be enjoying each other's company. (Kasijii is pictured in the middle in the picture below).

Kasijii Joins The Troop At Wsp

Land of Lemurs is also home to groups of red bellied lemurs and ring tailed lemurs. Much like other primates, lemurs will have a hierarchy system in place within their groups and Kasijii has natually slotted in the middle of the four other males. 

Lindsay Fletcher, animal keeper in Animal Encounters, said: "We're so happy to offer Kasijii a home after the sad loss of his dad from old age. Our boys have welcomed him as part of the black and white ruffed lemur family. The move came on recommendation from the EEP, as we hold a bachelor group of males that can be called upon for breeding programmes in the future."