New Developments at the Park

As the busy summer holiday season drew to a close, Woburn Safari Park started working on some exciting developments that will benefit some of the animal residents, as well as visitors to the park. 

A new Cafe in Animal Encounters

The maintenance team, with help from outside contractors FSG, have started work on a new catering building in the heart of the Animal Encounters section of the Foot Safari. The cafe is positioned to give visitors a 360-degree view of the animal residents in their nearby homes. 

“We have now broken ground on a new catering building in the Foot Safari; this building will be an octagon shape, which will make the most of the view of Penguin World, Farmyard Friends and Himalayan Heights, the new home of the red pandas. Work is in the early stages, but has begun progressing well” said Kevin Firth Maintenance Manager. 

New Cafe Animal Encounters Illustration

An illustrated plan of the side elevation of the new building

Gregg Pryce, Catering Manager says: "Opening a new cafe at this end of the Safari Park will bring something new for visitors, who want somewhere different to take a break; enjoy a hot drink, and grab a quick snack.

We think it will be especially popular in the colder months, providing visitors with a great place to sit in the warm, and take in the view of the fabulous new animal enclosures nearby, whatever the weather."

A new Barn for the Camel Herd

Visitors who come into the park via the Ridgemont village entrance, will have driven past the spacious grassy paddocks of the 'Northern Plains'. This is where you will see North American bison, Vietnamese sika deer and a herd of Bactrian camels

Camel Herd at Woburn Safari Park

The maintenance team, led by Kevin Firth, are planning a new shelter in the camel paddock, with the first steps now being planned. The team will first decide the best location, plan the construction timings, and organise people and material resources that will be needed.

Chris Smart said: "Over the coming weeks we will break ground on a new camel house for our five Bactrian camels. The camels live in a large paddock, near the ticket lane entrance to park, and are very popular with staff and visitors. The keeper team will work alongside the maintenance team to ensure the specially designed house caters for the needs of our camel herd, as well works well for the keepers and their daily husbandry tasks."