Welcome to New Male Lion Joco

He has access during the day to a small paddock, and is beginning to grow in confidence and spend more time outside. Joco is becoming more vocal each day, which is a good sign that he is claiming his territory, as well as communicating with the female lions in the pride and feeling more at home.

For Joco’s own safety, he will be slowly and carefully introduced to just one or two females at a time, allowing them all to get accustomed to his presence, and to allow him to show his dominance as new leader of the pride. Keepers hope that in time, Joco will be accepted by all of the females in the pride.

There will be a lot of new experiences for Joco, including having daily access to a vast 32 acre parkland reserve.  Over the winter, keepers will take the opportunity to work with Joco to get used to responding to their patrol vehicles, and to his new home.