Meet two adorable additions to Farmyard Friends

Adorable lambs make an appearance

Woburn Safari Park recently welcomed three Somali black headed sheep to the Park, with two giving birth to adorable lambs.

The two adult females and the male joined ponies, goats and donkeys down in new enclosure Farmyard Friends, in the Animal Encounters area of the Foot Safari. The three adults joined the Park earlier in the year and were given new 'celebrity-themed' names by the keepers - Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Michael McIntyre!

Somali Sheep Lambs Join The Herd

The two lambs have been named JLo and JayZ to continue the theme. Both Kim and Nicki are first time mothers but have settled into their new roles very well. It is important at this stage that the youngsters have time to bond and grow before joining the other animals, although the goats inparticular seem to be very excited about their arrival! 

Laura Ashton, senior keeper in Animal Encounters, said: "The Somali black headed sheep were a welcome addition to Farmyard Friends and the new lambs are very cute. JLo and JayZ are feeding regularly at the moment and it's hoped we can integrate them back into the main enclosure within the next few weeks."

Somali Black Headed Sheep Born At Wsp

Fully grown, Somali black headed sheep can grow to weigh 68kg and are unique to the sheep species due to them having hair instead of wool. Woburn Safari Park is one of only a very few places in the UK where members of the public can see these animals, which makes the arrivals very exciting. 

Visitors are still able to head inside and meet the donkeys, ponies and goats face-to-face, however the Somali sheep and the youngsters are currently in a side pen until the lambs grow a little bigger. They can still be viewed while visiting the other animals.