Matchmaking zebra keepers hope Mac will become the daddy

Breeding hopes

An endangered male Grevy's zebra has been moved in to the Park as part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP) in the hope that he will be a breeding ‘match’ for one of the Park’s lovely lady zebras. 

Mac The Zebra At Wsp

12-year old Grevy’s zebra Mac, who was moved from Chester Zoo, will be integrated with Woburn’s herd of zebras in the coming days. Having already fathered three foals, Mac is an experienced dad and park keepers hope that he will tickle the fancy of the three fertile females at the Park, 12-year old Maya, 16-year old Nguvu and 16-year old Olivia. The gestation period for Grevy's zebras is 13 months, so Woburn could be blessed with baby foals as soon as summer 2018. 

Mac The New Grevys Zebra Arrives At His New Home

Classified as‘endangered’ by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), Grevy’s zebras are under threat in the wild from predators, habitat loss and disease.