Mali gets a new friend in Himalayan Heights

Mali meets Mambo...

A second female Red panda has moved into Himalayan Heights down in the Foot Safari to join current resident, Mali.

Mambo is just over a year old and has moved to Woburn Safari Park from Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park. Mali, who has now been at the Park for just over a month, has settled in well and has welcomed Mambo with open arms!

The pair have been spotted enjoying their brand new home, which can be seen next to Chelonia Pathways and Cachorro Range in the Foot Safari. The Red panda enclosure comprises of viewing windows into the house, as well as a large outdoor area filled with roped ladders, shelves and a walkway for the pandas to travel right over visitors' heads!

Red Panda Enclosure

Soon to be three...

Just as Mali did, Mambo has settled in very quickly and keepers are very happy with how well the pair are getting along. They will soon be joined by a third young female who will complete this bachelorette group. 

It is natural in the wild for hierarchys to form within groups of red panda, so keepers know to expect this, should it happen between the three females. Mali and Mambo at the moment are too young to enter the European Endangered species Programme, but as they get older, they will all play an important part in the future conservation of this species.

Mambo 1 (1)

Red panda originate from the Himalayas and are herbivores, mainly consuming bamboo, berries and blossoms. Red panda are endangered and it is approximated that there are less than 10,000 red pandas left in the wild. Habitat destruction is the main threat facing this species, especially as the panda will spend the majority of their lives off the ground and up in trees away from predators.