Farewell to African lion Kasanga

Waving goodbye to Kasanga

Male African lion, Kasanga, left Woburn Safari Park on Tuesday 11th April and has now joined a new pride, temporarily, at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) down in Kent. In the coming months, plans are for Kasanga to head over to Africa to start his new life at the Ugandan Conservation Center (UCC).

He was picked up by two staff members from the WHF who, alongside our own keeper team, helped ensure that Kasanga was calmly transported into a crate for his journey down south. 

Wsp Team Wave Off Kasanga

He is already sorely missed by all members of his keeper team and was a real character here at the Park. Kasanga joined the pride back in October 2011 when he was just two years old. He was chosen to join the breeding programme at Woburn due to being unrelated to any other African lions housed in the UK. This meant a strong, healthy bloodline to start breeding him with the females. 

Kasanga was integrated with many of the female members of the pride and in September 2014, female Dakota gave birth to their first litter of cubs - three males and two females. The three males - Tsavo, Jelani and Jengo - moved to West Midlands Safari Park last year to start their own pride, with the two females - Zuri and Kamara - staying at Woburn alongside their mother.

Kasanga And Cub At Wsp

Kasanga was a firm favourite amongst regular visitors too and was renowned for being extremely 'photogenic' for the camera. He appeared regularly on Facebook in photos posted by visitors.

Craig Lancaster, Acting Head of Carnivores, said: "The sound of Kasanga's roaring used to fill the air down in Carnivores and he is going to be extremely missed by all of the team. It is very sad to see him leave but we look forward to hearing about how he is doing, and hope he is able to sire some more cubs in Uganda and pass on those wonderful genes of his."