Beautiful Spring Baby Arrivals

It's not just the daffodils or the promise of more sunshine and warmer temperatures...

It's the beginning of the baby season! And already the dedicated team of keepers are proudly sharing news about the latest arrivals at the park. 

This week has been the first of what is hoped to be a bumper crop of babies in 2017 at Woburn Safari Park. 

Sika Deer Calves 

The Vietnamese Sika Deer is now extinct in the wild, as they have been hunted for meat, and for the velvet on their antlers, which was used in traditional medicines.

March has seen the arrival of two gorgeous "bambi lookalikes", which is fantastic news for the Critically Endangered species and the EEP. 

The group of Vietnamese Sika Deer can be found in a large paddock next to the European Bison (Bison bonasus) as you enter the park, before the Road Safari drive through.

Sika Calf At Wsp

The fawns will be the offspring of just one stag in the herd, that during the breeding season will have fought off the other males, to establish his dominance to mate the females (hinds).

Giraffe Calf continues to grow

Quinn the Rothschild's giraffe calf, born in November 2016 continues to grow at impressive rate and is the tallest baby at the park. Already standing at six feet tall when born, Quinn continues to develop as, experienced mother, Savannah keeps a close eye on his joyful bursts of energy.

Giraffe Calf Quinn with herdmates

Quinn is beginning to pick up and try the browse that makes up the majority of a giraffe's diet, as well as continuing to suckle from mum.  

The giraffe herd has been enjoying the comforts of a brand new house since September 2016, designed to give species-specific benefits like specially designed heating and feeding stations.

The house has a viewing platform for keepers and visitors to interact with the herd at their head height, and in the colder months a special Up Close Encounter can be purchased to visit the herd and meet them face to face. In warmer months this experience would include meeting the giraffes from the VIP Land Rover, with a trip into their outdoor parkland reserve.