Baby joeys make their debut in Australian Walkabout

This year's baby joeys have started to peek their heads out of their mother's pouches down in Australian Walkabout. 

Although spotted a while ago by keepers, the young Red necked wallaby babies can now be seen by visitors as they gradually spend more time familiarising themselves with their new surroundings. 

Baby Wallaby And Mother At Wsp

Getting the babies used to keepers

Keepers are ensuring that they spend a bit more time around the mothers so that the joeys will become used to the feeding habits and having people in the enclosure with them. Due to this, the joeys can tend to be rather brave with the keepers when they first start venturing out of the pouches. 

The youngsters will spend the next few weeks staying in mum's pouch while they develop fur and grow a little bit bigger. Even when much larger, the youngsters are never too old to try and get back in to the pouches, which can result in some amusement for visitors. 

The Red necked wallaby can be found in Southern and Eastern Australian, and although not an endangered species, they are under threat from deforestation.