Update on the tiger cubs

The Amur tiger cubs are now 8 months old!

Amur tiger cub siblings Milashki and Mishka are now eight months old and getting bigger and bigger by the day!

Tiger Cubs Playfighting At Wsp Copy

They now weigh between 35-40 kilograms each and are fully weaned from their mother Minerva. Their diet fully consists of meat and the three tigers can consume up to 10kg of meat a day between them! Very important though to ensure the cubs grow up to be big and strong like their mum and their dad, Elton. 

Tiger Cubs And Mum Minerva At Wsp

The cubs' personalities are still very different and Milashki is much more timid than her sister. She will also tend to spend much more time with her mum, whereas Mishka enjoys exploring the enclosure by herself. 

Keepers recently re-filled the pond within the tiger enclosure, which has been great fun for the cubs. They love nothing more than a splash and a play in the water!

Mishka Playing The Pond At Wsp

Stay tuned for another update soon.