Monkey Business welcomes some new faces

The squirrel monkey group gets bigger

Animal Encounters have welcomed four adorable new faces to Monkey Business in recent weeks. 

Squirrel monkeys Tye, Ringo, Dougal and Bamboo each gave birth to healthy (as yet unsexed) babies within a few days of each other. Visitors will be able to spot the newest arrivals clinging onto their mother's backs, inbetween regular feeds and lots of naps!

The babies will stay close to their mothers for the next few months, before beginning to venture away slightly to explore their surroundings. The troop of squirrel monkeys living at the Park are very close and in the wild, it is not ucommon for other troop members to step in and assist with the babysitting duty from time to time. 

The public were given the chance to name one of the youngsters, with keepers then sorting through them all to decide on their favourite. The winning name was chosen as Squizzel.

Squizzel The Squirrel Monkey

Louise Moody, Animal Keeper, said: "We're always so excited this time of year as even though the weather is colder and the day shorter, squirrel monkeys tend to give birth around this time. 

"All four babies are doing really well and we're excited to see them growing up at the Park."