Introducing Mishka and Milashki...

Rare Amur tiger cubs named

Two rare and critically endangered Amur tiger cubs, recently born at Woburn Safari Park, have been named MILASHKI and MISHKA.

The tiger cubs can now be seen out exploring their nine-acre enclosure with their mother, four-year-old tigress Minerva. Amur tigers originate from Siberia in Russia, so the public was asked to suggest suitable Russian names for the cubs.

Milashki was named by Christine Ibbeson through a Heart Four Counties FM competition. The name means 'cutie' in Russian and it was decided that this name was a perfect fit for the adorable cub.

Mishka was chosen by the Kingdom of the Carnivores keepers from over 1,700 names sent in to Woburn Safari Park to enter the shortlist which went back to a public vote last week. Mishka means 'little bear' in Russian and was suggested by Jessica Murray. 

The tiger cubs can usually be seen having a dip in their pool, play fighting on the grass and enjoying cuddles with mum! Keepers very quickly learned how to identify them, thanks to the distinct markings above both of the cubs' eyes.

Here's how you can tell which one is Milashki and which is Mishka...

Milashki The Tiger Cub


Milashki was named by a listener of Heart FM so it seemed apt that she was the cub with heart-shaped markings above her eyes. She is the quieter of the two cubs and isn't quite as bold as her sibling. 

Mishka The Amur Tiger Cub


Mishka was named by the competition run by Woburn and she can be identified by the 'ying yang shaped' markings above her eyes. She is definitely the bolder of the two cubs and is the first one out exploring new areas of the enclosure and jumping in the pool.

Tiger Cubs At Woburn Safari Park

Can you tell them apart?