Have you herd the new baby news?

Pitter patter of tiny hooves...

The African Reserve have welcomed two new arrivals in recent weeks - a female Brindled wildebeest calf and a female Eland calf. Both were born out in the main reserve and are healthy and settling in well with their other herd members. 

The youngsters will share their home with rhino, ostrich, buffalo, sable and cattle. Keeping in line with the Reserves section tradition of naming all babies born in the same year from the same letter of the alphabet, it was down to the letter Q to provide suitable monikers for them...

Eland Calf Out In The Reserve

The female eland calf was born to mum Nacky and dad King Thistle, and has been named Queeny as she was born on the Queen's birthday. 

She will join the other 12 eland out in the reserve and will tend to still stay close by with the herd until she is another few weeks old. 

The female wildebeest calf was born to mum Whitney and dad Bond, and has been named Queensley

Wildebeest Calf And Mum

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on your next visit and enjoy watching these youngsters grow and play out in Woburn's very own African savannah.