Adorable arrival in the African Reserves

Surprise appearance...

A couple of weeks ago, Reserves keepers were delighted to see a small and healthy Eland calf out in the main enclosure one spring morning. 

The female calf was born to five-year-old Kee Kee and 10-year-old King Thistle. Keeping in line with the Reserves section of the Safari Park's tradition of naming all babies from the same letter of the alphabet - 2016 is the letter Q... so keepers are taking a bit of time deciding on the perfect name for the new arrival.

Eland calves tend to spend the first few weeks tucked up away from the herd but soon get the courage to join in and begin grazing. The calf can be seen out in the African Reserve with her mother, father and other members of the nine-strong herd.

Below is a short video showing the youngster exploring her new home under the watchful eye of mum Kee Kee.