Welcoming a BONNY new arrival to Land of Lemurs

Goodbye Conker, hello Bonaire...

Land of Lemurs recently said goodbye to their Red Bellied male Conker, who has moved to be with a new female group at Shaldon Zoo in Cornwall. At the same time, keepers collected a new breeding male named Bonaire, who is five years old.

It is hoped that Bonaire will mate with the matriarch of the group Angel and that the group of Red Bellied Lemurs living at Woburn Safari Park will get bigger soon.

Red Bellied Lemur Bonaire

Important for conservation...

Bonaire and Angel have been highlighted by the ESB (European Stud Book) as a genetically important pair, which means that breeding will help ensure the future survival of this important species.

Breeding season for lemurs starts in the autumn, so babies could be expected as early as April or May of next year, which is why the keepers in Land of Lemurs were keen to get them introduced!

Bringing up baby...

Angel aready has a daughter, Rogue, who was very keen to meet Bonaire and welcomed him well. With a gestation period of approximately 127 days, both the male and female play huge roles in the rearing of the youngster. Any offspring will be Bonaire's first but fortunately Angel is a pro at being mum and will be on hand to help show him the ropes. 

So far, it seems Bonaire and Angel were meant to be and love is definitely blossoming. They even shared their first meal together recently... but according to keepers, Angel is still very much in charge!