Say hello to some new arrivals...

Woburn Safari Park has had a bit of a baby boom recently, with arrivals in the Road Safari section and Animal Encounters.

Whitney the wildebeest gave birth early on Saturday 25th of April to a healthy, and as yet unsexed, calf (pictured below). The calf will join the other members of the herd and can be seen out in the main Reserve following mum and dad, Bond, closely.

 Wildebeest Woburn Safari Park

The wildebeests' neighbours, the eland antelopes also have three new herd mates (below) – Peter, Peppa and Pippa.

All babies born in the Savannah Grasslands, African Forest and Giraffe Junction sections (including new female Giraffe calf Prudence) will have names starting with the letter P in 2015. The three eland calves have formed a creche together and are settling in well - grazing by themselves out in the 40 acres of their beautiful reserve.  

 Eland Calves Woburn Safari Park

Animal Encounters welcomed two little surprises a few weeks ago, when Ring Tailed Lemur Koko successfully gave birth to twins.

Ring Tailed Lemur Twins WSP

The twins are now almost one month old and are starting to feed less regularly and venture onto mum’s back to become a bit more active. They have been spotted being quite brave and coming up to visitors on the walkway for a closer look with mum!