New Spring Arrivals

Tarli the elephant calf is not the only new addition to be welcomed to Woburn Safari Park in recent months.  There are also three gorgeous Eland antelope calves to be spotted and the Park has now become home to two more Scimitar horned oryx calves called Olaf and Pauline.

Olaf and Pauline can be seen roaming their seven acre reserve - Giraffe Junction in the Road Safari.  The two oryx calves have settled in well with the rest of the herd and have the use of a state of the art African Ungulate Conservation Centre known as the ‘Antelope House’.  The indoor enclosure is fundamental to the future captive breeding of this species as well as a number of other endangered animals.    

The Park has also added to its attractions in the Foot Safari having recently opened The Dissscovery Zone, home to a range of amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates, with a new Marmoset enclosure set to be unveiled for Easter.

Plus as usual, there are loads of exciting events at the park this Spring / Summer season too!