More Bonny Baby News as we Spring into Summer

The baby boom at Woburn Safari Park continues apace, with more new arrivals for visitors to coo over, appearing in every section of the park.

In the Road Safari section, you'll meet newly named Pringle, the wildebeest with proud mum Whitney.  Born early on Saturday 25th of April and enjoying the fresh green grass in the Savannah Grasslands reserve. 

Pringle Wildebeest Calf With Whitney At Woburn

Pringle joins the other babies in Savannah Grasslands, African Forest and Giraffe Junction sections this year; receiving a name beginning with P.  

Say hello to three young eland calves - Peter, Peppa and Pippa (pictured), Pauline the orxy calf and giraffe calf Prudence, in Giraffe Junction reserve.

 Eland Calves And Herd At Woburn 2015


Spot Prudence, the giraffe calf, the shortest of the tallest species at the park. Giraffes are born at nearly six feet tall, but she still looks tiny next to dad Casper, who stands at nearer 18 feet tall!  

Prudence was given her name by keepers as she kept her tail tucked firmly between her legs for the first few weeks, making it hard for them to determine which sex she was.... she was nearly named Paul!

Giraffe Calf With Mum At WSP


Plus, many visitors will have already met the five gorgeous African lion cubs, in the Kingdom of the Carnivores.  

Single Lion Cub at Woburn Safari Park


Three male cubs have been named Jengo, Jelani and Tsavo and keepers are looking for help naming the two girls in our special competition.

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