Mini monkey mayhem in African Forest

Joining the troop

This summer the headcount in Woburn Safari Park's African Forest drive through is at 48 Barbary Macaques!  With seven little babies born earlier this year.  

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous newborns, who can be seen enjoying their woodland playground.  

Barbary Macaque Youngsters Exploring

All seven Barbary babies have all been fathered by three mature males; Berlinga, Frank and Gobi. 

Keepers at the park have also welcomed two adorable baby Patas monkeys, both born in April. 

Patas Monkey Baby With Mum

P is for...

Keeping in line with the Reserves section of the Safari Park's tradition of naming all babies from the same letter of the alphabet - 2015 is the letter P.

The African Forest keepers then chose the following names:

Parker (male), mum is Sadie
Pixie (female), mum is Squit
Paul (male), mum is Gara
Penelope (female), mum is Kiora
Pablo (male), mum is Hera
Phoebe (female), mum is Jamelia
Pedro (male), mum is Laura

The aim is to get the troop up to about 65 members over the next few years. Keepers will then move some individuals on to other wildlife collections, to ensure that breeding is successful for many years to come. Barbary Macaques are classed as endangered and are managed by EAZA breeding programme.

Playtime for the newbies

For the first few weeks of their lives, the monkey babies will tend to cling on to mum and feed very regularly. More recently though, they are becoming very independent and are wandering away from their mothers for short periods of time to explore and play.

Barbary Macaque Baby On Top Of Mums Head

Like human babies, the Barbary babies will explore using their mouths and can often be seen picking objects up and having a taste - whether it be a stick, or a stone!

They're great fun to watch so make sure you visit them on your day out.