Miguel joins the troop in Monkey Business

Introducing Miguel...

The troop of squirrel monkeys living in Monkey Business has grown recently, with the arrival of new baby boy Miguel. Miguel was born to six-year-old mum Tye and she gave birth to him overnight in the squirrel monkey house. 

New Squirrel Monkey Miguel Soaks Up The Sun

We are family...

Tye is a very relaxed mother and is very used to her keepers, so was eagerly showing off her new baby as soon as she could! Tye has unfortunately had a difficult time in the past, as her first pregnancy in 2013 resulted in a caesarean section with the baby sadly not surviving. However, last year she gave birth to Dorothy who recently celebrated her first birthday and is now a very proud big sister to new brother Miguel. 

Tye's mum, Dye, is currently the head of the whole squirrel monkey troop living at Woburn Safari Park and at 23 years old, is also the oldest. This automatically means that Miguel will be a high ranking member thanks to his strong family ties.

Miguel Getting Carried Around By Mum Tye

Growing up...

As Miguel gets older, other female relatives will come and offer their help to give mum Tye a bit of a break. At the moment, Miguel weighs around 50-60g but could reach over 1kg as a fully grown breeding male. At the moment he is primarily feeding from his mum but he's already started trying foods such as soft fruit and insects. The four youngsters from last year, including his sister Dororthy, are eager to include him in their play, but unfortunately Miguel is just that little bit too small still. 

Socialisation is very important to squirrel monkeys, so the keepers are providing them all with lots of enrichment such as puzzle feeders and forage boxes to ensure that the new baby is introduced to all members of the troop.

Soon Miguel will be jumping, climbing and swinging all over Monkey Business having fun, so make sure you pop down to see him!