Looking after the animals over winter

What happens in the winter season... 

As the weather gets colder the work doesn't stop for the dedicated keepers at Woburn Safari Park, whose job it is to make sure the animals are happy and healthy, come rain or shine.

With the Park only open from Thursday through to Sunday each week, the keepers must still care for the 1,000 animals living in the grounds. 

On days that the park is closed, keepers will still come in as usual and continue with their normal working day, which will tend to include mucking out the animal houses, preparing all the animal feeds and doing routine health checks.

Amur Tiger At Woburn Safari Park

Down at Animal Encounters in the Foot Safari, the demonstrations with the animals still take place... even without an audience! This is to make sure the animals stay on top form with their displays of natural behaviours and keep them fit and active.

Sea Lion Feed Over Winter

In the Road Safari, all the animals are out enjoying their usual space in the parkland reserve, even though it is closed to the public. 

Many of the animals living at Woburn Safari Park were either born here or they have lived in the UK for a very long time, so even where species may not originate from a similar climate, you'll often see greater levels of activity in the colder months. 

Visitors can escape the cold weather by travelling around the Road Safari in the comfort of their own car and enjoy many of the undercover and indoor enclosures in Animal Encounters including Desert Springs, Sea Lion Cove and The Dissscovery Zone.