Get the LOVE BUG at Woburn Safari Park

Woburn Safari Park has some slithery and scaly new residents moving in, with the opening of a brand new ‘Dissscovery Zone’ – an exciting new walk-in exhibit at the heart of the Foot Safari.

The Dissscovery Zone is the new home to a variety of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates (bugs), ranging from critically endangered Golden Mantella frogs to snakes like Harry the corn snake (pictured above).  

Visitors will love how close they can encounter the creepiest and crawliest kinds of animals at the park! Plus throughout the week, there will be chances to meet keepers and learn loads in the talks and demonstrations.

Venture on your own safari adventure and you might also meet the heart-breakingly cute new arrivals - Olaf and Pauline are Scimitar horned oryx calves (pictured below).  They can be seen skipping happily through their paddock each morning as they’re full of the joys of spring (a little early!).

Oreo & Olaf the Oryx Calves

The biggest heart in the park most likely belongs to Damini the Asian elephant, who is full to bursting with a mother’s love for her calf Tarli (pictured below). The heart-warmingly adorable calf Tarli is now four months old and is a playful and mischievous new member of the herd. Read her diary updates here.

Tarli Calf Damini Mum Asian Elephants At Woburn Safari Park