Five furry faces in Lion Park

Small cubs, big personalities

Mum, Dakota is slowly getting less protective of the youngsters as they grow older and more independent, however she will always have a strong bond with them.

The cubs have already begun to gain personalities of their own and their keepers can now easily tell them apart.

Spot the difference

The male cubs are starting to get tufts of hair as their manes begin to grow and keepers have named them Jelani, Tsavo and Jengo. 

One of the boys is a bit feisty towards the keepers but the other four cubs are now very much used to the keeper presence in the Land Rovers and inside the house. 

The two females were given appropriate African names by competition winners and have been named Zuri and Kamara.  You can tell the two apart as Zuri is the lighter coloured of the two and Kamara has darker fur.

Playtime and growing fast

Like all young animals the cubs like to play lots and explore their environment; play fighting, chasing each other (and the rabbits living in Lion Park!) and climbing trees.

They will be fully grown at around five-six years of age. At this moment the cubs are fully integrated with all but two of the pride. Over the next few weeks/months, all being well, keepers will be introducing the remaining two females to the cubs.

The cubs should have no bearing on pride hierarchy for the time being. This may change in the future, especially as the three males grow older.