First birthday celebrations for Tarli

Tarli turns one...

Asian elephant calf Tarli celebrated her first birthday on Thursday 24th of September and enjoyed a weekend filled with fun, which included a special Elephant Encounter out in the woods, a box full of her favourite toys and not one, but two birthday cakes!

Weighing over 500kg and standing just over three foot tall, she's grown a lot from the tiny 122kg baby that mum Damini gave birth to in the early hours of a September morning last year...

Tarli Old And New Pic

Cake, cake, cake...

If the Queen can enjoy two birthdays, Tarli certainly can too, and every birthday girl needs a birthday cake! This special cake challenge was taken on by The Woburn Hotel's Executive Chef, Olivier Bertho, who created a perfect Tarli-sized cake for her actual birthday on Thursday, and an elephant-sized six tier cake for Tarli and the herd to enjoy on Saturday. 

The cake was made from some of Tarli's favourite foods, which were supplied by local supplier AB Fruits, and included mashed potato, porridge oats, raspberries, strawberries and a carrot on top for the candle. 

Even though Tarli was more interested in playing, the cake was very much enjoyed by her mum Damini, and aunties Chandrika and Yu Zin!

Tarlis Birthday Cake

Birthday fun...

Leading up to Tarli's birthday, visitors were given the opportunity to have their picture taken with one of the adult herd members after Saturday's birthday celebrations. All proceeds were donated to the International Elephant Foundation and the EAZA research project into Elephant Endotheliotrophic Herpes Virus (EEHV). There was also a special Elephant Encounter, which saw eight visitors join Tarli and the other herd for an afternoon out in the Woburn woodland.

Terry Shelton, Head of Elephants, said: “Myself and her fellow keepers can’t believe that Tarli is already one year old. It doesn’t seem that long ago that she made an appearance but she has definitely made an impression at Woburn Safari Park, and with the many visitors who have come to see her in the past year."

Thanks to everyone that came out over the Thursday and Saturday to see Tarli and sent their birthday wishes.