Double trouble in Land of Lemurs (VIDEO)

Two is company...

Mum, Koko gave birth to female Ring tailed lemur twins in March and the two girls are now four months old. Lexi and Anya, as they have been named by their keepers, have settled in brilliantly to the lemur troop and are becoming quite a mischievous pair as they grow up.

Ring Tailed Lemur Twins Wsp 2

Family values...

Fortunately for mum Koko, she had lots of help from the other members of the Ring tailed lemur troop while the twins were very small. It was important that last year's babies, Zuri and Luna, were involved in the twins upbringing as this will help them when they go on to have families of their own in the future. Responsibilities included carrying the twins, cleaning them and supervising play time!

Lemur Baby

Lexi and Anya now venture away from mum within their enclosure and have been enjoying little adventures of their own. Their individual personalities are starting to show to the keepers who see them on a daily basis and they are becoming very playful!