Delightful new update for the Safari Lodge

The Woburn Safari Lodge is set right at the heart of Woburn Safari Park's Foot Safari and Leisure Area and is a truly unique venue.  It's the perfect location for weddings, corporate functions, Christmas parties (pictured) and a whole range of special events. 

The Safari Lodge overlooks the hugely popular Birds in Action amphitheatre; Swan Lake, walk-through Desert Springs and new Otter Falls.

The dedicated Hospitality team are delighted to present the upgraded venue space to new and returning visitors, as this phase of renovations is completed.  Finishing touches include new chairs bearing the Safari Park logo stitched into the backrest and new tables to complete the final look.

The programme represents a significant investment for the Lodge, enabling clients to benefit from the most up-to-date technology; with a newly installed AV system that boasts two drop down remote screens, an Apple-compatible plug & play device and two wireless microphones.

Plans now progress to the next phase, which will involve extending the veranda surrounding the venue.

Claire Rhodes, Commercial Manager for Woburn Safari Park, said: ”This refurbishment is such an exciting phase for the Safari Park as it coincides with our new ‘Corporate Partnership’ scheme.

“The Lodge is a wonderful venue for clients to host anything from a product launch, conference, team building day or hospitality event - immersing them and their audience in the very heart of the Safari Park.”

For more information,please contact the team at or call 01525 292136.