Christmas Dinner and Presents for the Animals

The monkeys, eland antelopes, Bactrian camels and beautiful blue wildebeest all tucked in to carrots, parsnips, kale brocolli, cabbage and of course everyone’s favourite - Brussels sprouts. 

One year old lion cubs Zuri (below) and siblings Jengo, Kamara, Jelani and Tsavo all stuffed themselves silly with a large turkey each, sourced from a local farm. 

Lion Eating Turkey

Luigi (below) and the herd of eland antelope relished their veggie treats and happily gobbled up their greens.  

Common Eland Woburn Safari Park Dec 20154

Norman the camel (below) loved chomping through the veg, pulling some funny faces as he did so!  This veggie loving species is classified as ‘Critically Endangered’ in the wild and can be seen in the ‘Northern Plains’ paddock at the entrance of the Road Safari.

Normal the Camel eating green

Naboo (below) one of the troop of 46 Barbary macaques in the African Forest reserve, enjoyed having a munch on his broccoli floret.

Monkey eating Broccoli

The playful Squirrel monkeys can found in the Monkey Business exhibit in the Park’s Foot Safari.  They got to unwrap some special gifts - marvellous mealworms and crunchy crickets - for their dinner.

Squirrel Monkeys with Presents

The lemurs all joined in the fun too, with presents full of their favourite foods to unwrap!

Christmas Woburn Safari Park 59

Here's wishing all of our animals a very Merry Christmas this year!