Breeding season arrives at Sea Lion Beach

This April marks the start of the Californian Sea Lion breeding season and visitors may start seeing some behavioural changes down in Sea Lion Cove.

During this time the males will put all of their efforts into finding a mate and can stop eating completely. Max, our handsome male, is taking every opportunity to woo the females (and ward off other males) with his constant loud booming calls that can be heard over a mile away. 

Breeding hopes

If any of the girls are pregnant we could be hearing the pitter patter of tiny flippers as soon as June this year. With all of these hormones racing around it is no great surprise that training and demonstrations are not high on the Sea Lions' agenda every day.

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Disrupted talks and demonstrations

As with all of the talks and demonstrations around the Safari Park, the animals take part voluntarily and we would never withhold food or force them to take part in any way. Some days nature takes over and despite the Animal Encounters keepers' best efforts, the Sea Lions decide not to take part.

Happier sea lions

We know that the vast majority of visitors are happier with this 'force free' training and although it can be disappointing not to see the Sea Lions performing in our indoor displays, we hope visitors will understand that the animals welfare is our number one priority.

As this may continue for the next few months, we will continue to try each day with the demonstrations and will only cancel if absolutely necessary, although this decision is likely to take place shortly before the demonstration is planned to begin. You will still be able to see the Sea Lions enjoying their outdoor pool with regular talks by our dedicated team of keepers