Baby Calf Diary: 40 weeks old

Tarli's on the trail...

Here we look back over Tarli's last few weeks and how she's been getting on at Woburn Safari Park. She's now 40 weeks old - only 12 weeks until her first birthday!

"I am really enjoying the Elephant Encounters that have been taking place, where my keepers take me, my mum Damini and aunties Chandrika and Yu Zin out to the woodland. Everyone has been lovely and it gives me a great chance to show off all my brand new skills that I have been learning from my mum and aunties..."

Elephant Encounter With Tarli 

Mud baths...

"I have been trying to master the art of dusting for quite a while now and I think I have finally managed it! Dusting is important for my skin because it helps to protect me from the sun and is just one of the many skills I am learning every day.

"You may see me lying down and rolling around the ground in my paddock, which is another way of helping to cover myself with dirt when it’s really sunny... and it’s great fun! My mum and aunties sometimes do it too."

Tarli And Elephant Herd Have A Mud Bath

First birthday...

"I’m very excited for my first birthday which is on the 24th September this year. I now weigh well over 400kg and this could be up to 500kg in three months time.

"My keepers are organising a special day for me where visitors can come and spend some time with me and my family – I can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll get lots of presents too... in the form of bananas! Yum."

Tarli Laying Down In The Sun


I look forward to telling you more about my Woburn adventures soon.

Tarli x