Baby Calf Diary: 30 weeks old

Such a big girl...

Here we look back over Tarli's last few weeks and how she's been getting on at Woburn Safari Park. She's now 30 weeks old - we can't believe it!

"I have recently turned seven months old and my first birthday is getting nearer and nearer.

"I now weigh 370kg and stand 3ft 8in tall - that's over one foot taller than when I was born. I've still got quite a bit of growing to do though before I am as big as my mum Damini and aunties Chandrika and Yu Zin."

Damini Tarli Yu Zin On A Walk May

Nosing a little closer...

"It may have taken me a little while, but I'm ever closer to finally mastering how to use my trunk.

"I can now dust myself with the sand and dirt, although I haven't quite managed it without hitting myself on the head when I flick the dirt onto my head and back. Hopefully someday soon I will have full control over my little trunk!"

 Tarli And Yu Zin Out In The Meadow

Evergreens adventures...

"This week I have started to venture into the Evergreens with my mum, aunties and keepers. The Evergreens are very big - 1,000 acres! - and it's been exciting to roam around to graze and browse.

"I am still getting used to new places and will tend to stick very closely with mum while out and about until I am a little more confident.

"I'm not as brave as I look!"

 Tarli Evergreens May

I look forward to telling you more about my Woburn adventures soon.

Tarli x