Baby Calf Diary: 24 weeks old

Sandy Tarli...

Here we look back over Tarli's last couple of weeks and how she’s been getting on at Woburn Safari Park. She's now almost six months old and weighing over 300kg.

Tarli is proving she's like any other youngster when it comes to her daily bathtime... she can't wait to get outside after so she can get dirty again!

Tarli Diary Sand

"In my house I have different surfaces throughout and my favourite is the sand - I love to play in it and roll around! I've also been copying my mum and aunties by rolling in the mud outside the paddock.

"Although I always do it straight after my bath (sorry keepers!), it's important that I do this to keep my skin healthy and protected from the sun."

Tarli Diary Mud

My first Mother's Day...

"This Sunday I will be celebrating my first Mother's Day with my mum Damini. It's also my mums 21st birthday so it will be a day of double celebrations.

"I'll be up in Elephant Meadow on Sunday with my mum and aunties Yu Zin and Chandrika."

 Tarli Diary Mothers Day

Egg-cellent Easter...

"I am really looking forward to Easter because we are ambassadors for the International Elephant Foundation. I will be helping my herd and keepers raise funds and awareness for this important charity that helps Asian and African elephants. 

"You can come down to see us from the 3rd to the 6th of April for lots of fun games, exciting activities and the chance to have your picture taken with one of my aunties."

 Tarli Diary IEF

I look forward to telling you more about my Woburn adventures soon.

Tarli x