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Amur Tiger Charity Weekend 27th-28th July


On the 27-28th July Woburn Safari Park will be holding a fundraising event in support of the Wildcats Conservation Alliance. The mission is to raise funds for projects in the wild and in captivity that will help prevent the extinction of the Wildcats Conservation Alliance.

Raising money for endangered tigers

On the 27th and 28th July Woburn Safari Park is holding a special fundraising weekend for the Wildcats Conservation Alliance, aiming to raise funds and awareness for the beautiful Amur tiger species.

The Carnivore keepers have chosen this charity for its important conservation programs that help to protect Amur tigers in their wild habitat - the birch forests of the Amur region in Siberia, Russia.

The Amur tigers numbers are dwindling in the wild and this majestic big cat species needs our help.  

There will be lots of other exciting activities over the tiger charity weekend, announced nearer the time - Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th July




All money raised goes direct to Wildcats Conservation Alliance

In 2018 the team raised just under £1,700 for Wildcats Conservation Alliance and the aim is to beat this in 2019, with your help! 

The event will cost no more than your standard admission ticket price and you can join in the tiger-themed fun and games with the team of carnivore keepers. All donations will go to the Amur Tiger Conservation project. 

The Wildcats Conservation Alliance mission 

The Wildcats Conservation Alliance mission is to prevent the extinction of the Amur leopard and tiger as well as their habitat, in the wild and in captivity. This can be achieved through:

- Educating the public and raising awareness concerning the threats that the Amur leopard and tiger face in the wild.

- Working closely with the scientific community, zoos, international conservation organizations and individuals to raise significant funds to contribute to the conservation of these large cats.