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What's new for February half term?


What's on this half term? Take a ride on the Great Woburn Railway and visit the herd at brand new Alpaca Outpost. Book a Giraffe Mini VIP and visit their house to hand feed them. Or try a delicious afternoon tea in the Lookout Cafe!

Families, friends and loved ones can spend quality time with each other, as well as the Park’s wonderful array of animals.

Valentine’s Afternoon Tea + Giraffe Mini VIP Experience

Woburn has created a unique experience to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  One ticket includes the admission to the park, a delicious Valentine’s-themed Afternoon Tea and a Mini Giraffe VIP Experience, to visit the giraffe herd in their house.

It’s an Afternoon Tea with a difference at the Lookout Café, taking in the panoramic view of Farmyard Friends, Himalayan Heights and Penguin World.

 February Valentine's Afternoon Tea Collage at Woburn Safari Park

This experience includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes guided tour of the giraffe house. The keeper guide will give guests a fascinating insight into the care and welfare of the giraffe herd and they’ll get the opportunity to hand feed them. It’s the perfect time to visit as recently three adorable giraffe calves joined the herd. Visitors will need to move fast on this special offer as it is only available for 16 people a day and are suitable for children 8+ years only. Click here for tickets!

Herd over on Safari this half term

A new species has recently joined the Park and for the first time Woburn is home to herd of friendly alpacas! 

Alpacca Wsp Jan 2019 22

The alpaca herd consists of 10 individuals, with one breeding male named Amoro, three more males and six females. The herd will be a little shy at first, but the keepers are introducing them to new people, to build up their confidence, so they will soon be happy hand-feeding from visitors. 

Opening this February half term, visitors will be able to take a ride on the Great Woburn Railway, then alight at Alpaca Outpost to meet the herd. 

Half-term hero activity with Chase from Paw Patrol

Children will be able to meet Chase from hit preschool series PAW Patrol, as seen on Nick Jr., at intervals on Saturday 16th February. Click here for more details

Children can see Chase at no extra cost to standard admission. Event tickets are available to purchase online in advance, visitors will be given a flyer with details of how to join a priority queue for a time slot to meet Chase.  

Recent baby boom in the Foot Safari

January saw the birth of three adorable capybara pups, Mum Mavis is a mature parent and is taking the arrival of her three pups - two males and one female - all in her stride.

Mavis has been very relaxed about the whole family situation and she has been letting keepers get close enough to check on her and the pups. Nevertheless, the keeper team keep a respectful distance, to allow her and the pups the valuable bonding time they need in the first few days.

Mother Pup

Capybaras are the largest living rodent species and they have webbed toes for a semi-aquatic habitat. The pups closely resemble large-eyed guinea pigs at this age and the keepers have identified two boys and a girl!  in the litter might grow up to 65kg as an adult.

Asian short-clawed otter pups snuggle in the nest with mum

Two adorable Asian short-clawed otter pups were born on 8th January to mum Kelani and dad Kovu. They are currently residing in their cosy nest box with Mum whom they’ll be dependent on for warmth and milk over the next 6-8 weeks.

While Kelani stays with her new-borns, Kovu and the older pups are responsible for sharing and providing plenty of their food. In caring for their younger siblings they’ll also learn how to be great parents later on.