Secondary Schools

Custom School Trip Options

Teaching Sessions

Opt for a 30 minute teaching session in our Visitor Enrichment Centre and your students will enjoy interactive multimedia teaching on one of the following curriculum topics:

  • Evolution
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Welfare and Training
  • Endangered Animals and the Law
  • Woburn and Conservation
  • Role of a Modern Zoo
  • Classification
  • Habitats and Adaptations
  • Science in the Workplace

If you haven't seen a topic to suit your objectives, then please contact us to discuss a bespoke session that meets your requirement

Extended Education Programmes

Secondary schools can book a range of day long programmes including:

  • Working with Animals Day or Week programmes are based on popular school holiday programmes, these offer students practical, hands on activities, helping with animal collection management, captive breeding and conservation. This is the perfect course for students wishing to follow a career with animals.

Please contact us for more information about these programmes including availablity and prices.

Feeding Time

When it gets to 'feeding time' there is a self-service restaurant and plenty of outdoor picnic areas. An indoor picnic area is also available for schools, please reserve spaces when you book.

For more information please contact the Education Department  on 01525 292124 or email