Kingdom of the Carnivores

Enter through sturdy double gates into the domain of tigers, wolves, bears and lions! 

As you arrive in the Kingdom of Carnivores you enter an eight acre enclosure, home to Amur Tigers. They have sleeping platforms and bathing pools in this specially designed area, as they are one of the only big cats that likes water. Mostly you will find them relaxing in their favourite location, or stalking the few rabbits that dare to make their home in this enclosure.

Continue your drive and you will next enter a mixed exhibit, home to Canadian Timber Wolves and North American Black Bears, living happily together.

Finally, you come to the largest and most impressive carnivore exhibit - the 32 acre enclosure home of the pride of African Lions. Seeing is believing as you drive through beautiful Bedfordshire parkland and come across these stunning beasts.

Please note: All of the animals in the Kingdom of Carnivores are extremely dangerous and roam freely within the confines of their enclosures. You must keep all vehicle windows and doors closed at all times for your own safety.  Animals are unpredictable and can approach vehicles, so keepers request that visitors keep driving at all times.

The Kingdom of the Carnivores is home to Amur Tigers, Canadian Timber Wolves, North American Black Bears and African Lions.