Your Safari Adventure Guide

What's the best way to make the most of your day full of safari adventures?

Your admission ticket includes entry to both the Road Safari and the Foot Safari, you can enjoy free parking in the Leisure Area and plenty of indoor and outdoor play areas - everything you need for a fun-packed day out with the family.

Before you set out...

- The park is only accessible by car (or bus, coach, minibus or in an enclosed vehicle - no bicycles or motorbikes and you can't enter on foot) so you need to drive to the park.  Click here for directions or use MK17 9QN in your satnav.

- No pets or dogs are allowed in the park, if you bring any pets with you, you won't be allowed to enter the park.

- There are two restaurants where you can enjoy lunch, grab an ice cream or a waffle, and there are plenty of picnic areas in the Leisure Area.  

- You can set a limit to what you spend on your day out with an All Inclusive ticket.  This includes admission, a guidebook and bottle of water on arrival, a meal and a drink in one of two restaurants for lunch and entry to Sea Lion Cove indoor sea lion show and 3D cinema (normally £2 per person). 

The Road Safari 

This is a drive-through animal reserves and will take around 60-90 minutes. It can be completed first (as you enter the park), or you can go via the re-entry route to repeat as many circuits as you like throughout your day (you'll find the re-entry route by the flagpole in the Leisure Area car park).

Visit the animals in these sections of the park:

- Northern Plains; as you enter the park ahead of the ticket lanes. Spot zebra, deer, bison, horses and camels.

- Savannah Grasslands; the first 40 acre reserve as you enter the Road Safari. Spot the rhinos, buffalo, ostriches, cattle and several species of antelope.

- Kingdom of the Carnivores; home to three drive-through sections with Amur tigers; bears and wolves, and the largest drive-through section of 32 acres, with African lions.

- Giraffe Junction; drive through eight acres with these gentle African giants. On colder days the herd can be seen in their yard next to their brand new house.

African Forest; a woodland reserve with barbary macaque monkeys, and eastern mountain bongo.

KEEPER TIP: The Road Safari is busiest between 11am and 1pm. Why not drive straight into the Leisure Area and explore the Foot Safari earlier in the day, then later go via the re-entry route to do the Road Safari in the afternoon?

The Foot Safari

The best time to see the animals in the Foot Safari is during keeper talks and demonstrations as this is usually feeding time too!  

Wsp Winter Talks And Demonstrations Timetable

Make sure you explore, check your map (handed to you on arrival) when you walk around the Foot Safari, to find all the animal walk throughs. 

Don't miss the keeper talks and demonstrations - you can watch feeding time with the animals and you'll learn all about lemurs, sea lions, penguins, meerkats and wallabies.  

There is a full daily programme of events, so be sure to watch the daily bird demonstrations with parrots and birds of prey and an Elephant meet and greet at Elephant Meadow.

The Leisure Area

There are plenty of FREE indoor and outdoor activities included in your ticket price: 

  • Swan Boats and Dragon Boats - enjoy pedal-powered fun on Swan Lake
  • Great Woburn Railway - take a trip to see and feed the alpaca herd
  • Jungle Jamboree, the new outdoor adventure play area equipped with an array of obstacles, musical instruments and animal themed climbing activities.
  • The Mammoth Play Ark is super indoor soft play centre, home to the 2x2 Restaurant where you'll find lots of tasty snacks and drinks
  • Tiny Tots Safari Trail - an under 5's bouncy castle

Just two activities will cost a little extra: 

  • Giraffe Trail High Ropes is suitable for children aged 5-12 years of age. Book tickets in the Gift Shop on the day of your visit for only £6.99 each. Click to find out the height and clothing restrictions for this activity. 

  • Sea Lion Cove is an indoor sea lion show and 3D cinema, with three show times each day. Tickets cost £2 per person and are sold in advance, due to limited capacity for this attraction.  Purchase your ticket for your chosen time slot in Junglies Gift Shop. 

Things to remember when you visit:

- Make the most of your day, use your map and timetable of talks and demonstrations!

- You are entering the home of many wild species of animals, please be respectful. Please stick to the speed limit of 15mph, stay in your car with your windows and doors shut and please don't feed the animals - they all have special diets and will be sick if they eat your sandwiches!  Anyone who does not follow these rules may be asked to leave.

Have a great day!  

If you do encounter any problems, then please speak to any member of staff and they'll endeavour to help you.