Albert Star Aldabra2

Albert the Aldabra Tortoise

Albert lives in the Foot Safari, in the Animal Encounters section of the park. As you might imagine, Albert enjoys grazing on the grass in the sunshine.

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Albert the Aldabra Tortoise

The Aldabra Giant Tortoise lives on the remote Aldabra atoll (Seychelles) in the Indian Ocean islands and because of the all year round sunshine on these beautiful islands, these particular tortoise species don’t hibernate. We keep a warm and humid environment for the tortoises in their indoor enclosure. To keep cool Albert will rest in shallow pool of water and for some reason this encourages him to go to the toilet -  yuck! Come and visit Albert and his companions in the Animal Encounters section.

Because of his heavy, well armoured shell, he makes pathways in the long grass and always returns to his favourite patch of weeds. Albert enjoys munching on a selection of weeds such as clover, dandelions and thistles. Keepers also provide a variety of browse (leaves, twigs and branches) such as willow, lime and bramble and if Albert sees a bit of food he likes he can certainly move quickly for a tortoise, quickly pushing his friends out the way!