Star Rhino - Mirijam 2

Mirijam the Rhino

Mirijam is a Southern White Rhino and she arrived at Woburn Safari Park in 2010, she lives with two other rhino in the Savannah Grasslands reserves.

Mirijam the Rhino

Mirijam arrived at Woburn Safari Park in 2010 from Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands. She has settled in great at Woburn and enjoys roaming around the 50 acre exhibit which she shares with the other White rhino and numerous other African species, such as Ostrich, Wildebeest, Sable, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Eland and Ankole Cattle. Mirijam is quite a distinct looking female, she is very stocky and the tip of her right ear points downwards.

Mirijam was born on October 8th 1992 and is full of personality! Some days she can be very stubborn and grumpy, but equally she can also be very lively and decide to chase the Ankole around the section or walk through the middle of the sleeping Wildebeest just to get them all up!

Mirijam is a great addition to our existing rhino herd and we hope that one day Woburn will have success breeding this very vulnerable species and that Mirijam will be able to help assist the EEP (European Endangered species Programme) and have young that will increase the captive population of White rhino.

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