Black Bear - 2 fighting


George is one of our male Black Bears, he lives in a 13 acre enclosure mixed with other Black Bears and Canadian Timber Wolves as he naturally would out in the wild.

George the North American Black Bear

George is one of our male Black Bears here at Woburn Safari Park. He lives in a 13 acre enclosure, with a mixture of other Black Bears and Canadian Timber Wolves (as he would naturally in the wild).

He is a very mischievous bear who can also be a little bit destructive at times; because of this the keepers do their best to provide him with new and interesting enrichment to keep him stimulated and happy.

George's enclosure already provides him with a variety of natural enrichment such as trees to climb, plants providing food (such as acorns and blackberries) which grow at different times of the year. George also enjoys investigating the large variety of flowers in his enclosure, these flowers provide him with different scents to stimulate his curiosity and to get his nose twitching. Plus, George has access to man-made pools for him to bathe in as and when he feels like it.



George is a very clever bear and he definitely likes to get his own way. He knows that during main season he has to wait for specific times of the day to get his meals.

If George is feeling impatient for food, he’ll find a way to get his meals early. He has learned that if he blocks the entrance to the enclosure, so the public can’t drive in and enter, he will be given some food to get him to move out of the way! 

George also likes to think of himself as somewhat of a mechanic at times and he knows the difference between hubcaps and alloys! He knows that hubcaps can be removed by a small flick of his claw. Keepers have been seen returning them to drivers on occasion, after George has taken a liking to them.